The Effect of LISTERINE® Removing Plaque from Teeth


Evaluate the effect of LISTERINE® Antiseptic on existing dental plaque and gingivitis over the course of a 6-month trial (N=129).


Randomized, double-blind study of subjects (aged ≥18 years) with preexisting plaque and gingivitis.



When compared with water, LISTERINE® Antiseptic reduced dental plaque by 22.2% and gingivitis by 28.2% at 6 months. When compared with vehicle, LISTERINE® Antiseptic reduced dental plaque by 20.8% and gingivitis by 27.7% at 6 months, respectively.



LISTERINE® Antiseptic, when used twice daily for 30 seconds, is effective in controlling plaque accumulation and gingivitis in a population that did not receive a prophylaxis.

*Subjects were instructed to follow their usual oral hygiene regimen and use of dental floss was permitted to remove trapped food.
‡26.9% hydroalcoholic vehicle containing all ingredients in LISTERINE® Antiseptic except its essential oils.

Reference: 1. Lamster IB, Alfano MC, Seiger MC, Gordon JM. The effect of LISTERINE® Antiseptic on reduction of existing plaque and gingivitis. Clin Prev Dent. 1983;5:12-16.