Teeth Whitening

Everyone wants a set of pearly whites, and keeping your smile white begins with proper mouth care

Whiten and strengthen your teeth

LISTERINE® Whitening Plus Enamel Protection with added fluoride whitens teeth while working to strength your teeth at the same time.

Food and drink

Drinks like red wine, fruit juice, coffee, tea, colas and lemonades can all stain your teeth. Energy and sports drinks have been shown to erode tooth enamel after long-term use, resulting in thin, translucent, discolored teeth. If you consume these drinks remember to rinse your mouth afterwards. Certain foods can also discolour your teeth such as blueberries, blackberries, beets, soy sauce, and curry. Just remember - if a food or beverage can leave permanent stains on clothes or carpets, it can probably stain your teeth eventually.

One we can’t avoid

Aging also contributes to the yellowing of teeth. The enamel, which is the hard outer coating of your teeth, wears thin, allowing the underlying layer of yellowish dentin to show through.